Oklahoma City Training Camp

We have a rare opportunity to have former World Champion and World Class Coach, Stellan Bengtsson and his wife Angie who is a former US Champion coming to Oklahoma for clinics. The plan is to have them in Tulsa on April 27,28 and 29th and in Oklahoma City on May 3, 4 and 5th. If there is enough interest there will also be a coaching clinic on one of the days in between the two training clinics, for anyone who is interested in coaching others. Stellan and Angie are very excited about coming to Oklahoma.

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What we do when we practice is to take out a couple of pieces from the pie and focus on them, meaning we train them intensely. When we are done training we put them back into the pie again, resulting in a stronger overall game.

Is it Worth it?

To reach your full potential as a Table Tennis player, you need a coach that you can trust, to see things in your game, that are difficult for yourself to see. Oftentimes we have no problem spending big money on equipment we believe in and sometimes we neglect good coaching that might improve our game much more than any equipment can do. Yes! It is really worth it, if you are serious about Table Tennis.

  • 04.02.13 Deadline! – All openings need to filled by this date for the camp to take place.
  • 04.05.13 – This is the due date for all payments.
  • 04.27.13 – Tulsa camp starts.
  • 05.03.13 – Oklahoma City camp starts.

*Capacity is limited and prepayment is required!!!

Three Day Camp
Cost: $300 (two 3 Day Camps at a total of $500)

Click here to register and fill out the form. Please make all the checks payable to Mats Johansson and post them to “4981 S 202nd E Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74014

It is highly recommended to utilize the discount offer available for those purchasing two 3 Day Camps.

Choosing two camps will allow you to find errors, make adjustments, and improve your skills, while also having a three day break before a new start to practicing these new adjustments with recharged energy for the second camp as the teaching is still fresh on your mind. Come and rise to your maximum potential.

If you cannot attend all 3 days included in a camp, we can try to make adjustments to split your days with someone else’s days.

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