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Stellan Bengtsson

is the 1971 Men’s Singles World Champion. He is also the holder of 67 International Titles including the 1973 World’s Doubles and Team Championships, and 7 European Championships. Here is a short list of his accomplishments:

1971 World Men’s Singles Champion (youngest in history at age 18)
1973 World Men’s Doubles Champion (with Kjell Johansson)
1973 World Men’s Team Champion
7-times European Champion (1-time Singles in 1972, 1-time Doubles in 1976, 5-times Team)
24 medals at World and European Championships
65 International Titles in Singles, Doubles and Teams
25-times Swedish National Championships (7-times Singles)

Angie Rosal Bengtsson

was a prominent table tennis player and at one time was ranked #1 and #2 in the US, is a 4-time Womens Doubles Champion, a former USA Team Member, and twice a US Singles runner-up. Here are some of her other accomplishments:

City Champion
State Champion
10 times US National Champion
Represented the USA at the World Championships (1972 and 1973)
7 years coaching at the Falkenberg Table Tennis Club in Sweden
Sports Identification in Qatar
Toured the U.S. as member of the U.S. Women’s Team (1967)

Her Hall of Fame Inductions

American Indian Athletic Hall of Fame (inducted in 1973)
USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame (inducted in 1996)
California Table Tennis Hall of Fame
San Diego Table Tennis Hall of Fame

Coaching Career of Stellan Bengtsson

3 years ATSV in Saarbrucken, Germany
2 years Super Donic in Berlin, Germany
4 years Swedish National Team
5 years Danish National Team
15 years Falkenberg Table Tennis Club in Sweden
1 year Aspire Sports Academy in Doha, Qatar

Players Coached by Stellan Bengtsson

Jorgen Persson
Jan-Ove Waldner
Peter Karlsson
Erik Lindh
Michael Maze (Denmark)
Steffen Fetzner (Germany)
Colum Slevin (Ireland)

Our philosophy

is to improve the individual with our touch. Every player should feel we are their personal coach. Stellangie presents, for the first time in the United States, a World Champion Training Experience.

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